Intellectual Investments Company Specializing in Strategy Consulting, Asset Management and Innovation Processes

We enhance business projects through branding advisory and intellectual investments

We appeal to public and private institutions alike, from SMEs and companies to governments, both locally and abroad. FILDON offers C-suite executives support in decision-making processes through strategic planning guided by technological and financial analysis across sectors. With decades of experience in international markets combined with our wide network of high-profile professionals, FILDON is designed to reshape client businesses and projects.

We also facilitate the growth of startups, or ambitious business projects, by sharing our knowledge in exchange of equities or royalties.

How can FILDON help your business?

Strategic Audits

An on-demand activity delivered by selected experts suited for the case. Our audits are tailored to the client’s case and involve a pre-assessment of the scenario facing the company or the business project.

We highlight the company’s potential opportunities and threats, their existing capabilities and their overall potential to move forward. The diverse team we assign to the case will deliver a well-rounded collection of observations, revealing the necessary actions to neutralize critical flags, while specifying the skills and respective actions required to achieve the goals.

FILDON’s Advisory service exists for those seeking the strategic support of high-profile experts and thus require consolidated methodologies to manage complex situations (or to otherwise protect and enhance their assets).

Strategic Brainstorming

Different from the Audit, this on-demand activity is for one-time complex situations with various uncertainties, thus requiring distinct methodologies to reach a solution. It is the right choice for those who desire the support of established methodologies to deal with a sudden challenging scenario.

Business Strategy Advisory

An ongoing activity to facilitate the BoD’s decision-making processes according to established principles in business strategy. It is the right choice for achieving long-term goals, promoting innovation and brand enhancement.

The activity is always preceded by a complete strategic brainstorming session shared with a pool of selected professionals.

Intellectual investment Consulting

For ambitious and innovative businesses lacking liquidity, we may offer our advisory in exchange for equities or royalties after a successful evaluation.

The activity is always preceded by a complete strategic brainstorming session shared with a pool of selected professionals.

For more information on this service, please complete our pre-evaluation tool.

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FILDON’s Advisory

Our supervisory consultancy activity supports the decision-making processes of the BoD with consolidated business strategy’s methods.

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