The potential of e-Commerce (also social) for your company

In the global market, online sales no longer represent an opportunity dedicated to a few courageous and far-sighted entrepreneurs, but a real commodity for all companies that want to maximize profits and create their own commercial structures around the world.

A strategy that includes an E-Commerce within it, accompanied by the execution of operational marketing actions, can guarantee ample growth margins in B2C and B2B contexts, above all if guided by business models developed ad hoc to optimally address the different commercial scenarios in which the company is determined to operate.

The growth of e-commerce after the covid-19 pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has exponentially increased the world of E-Commerce due to the impossibility of physically going to a physical store, and more and more companies in Italy have had to overcome the blockade towards this segment, creating special sections of their sites or relying to pre-set platforms on which to upload your products or services.

In 2021, the B2C market exceeded $5 billion in the United States alone. Even if not to the same extent, Europe and our peninsula have also recorded exponential increases.

Social commerce

One segment that has seen significant growth is social commerce, or buying directly from brand pages or digital accounts. This is because social media smoothes the customer journey by minimizing clicks to complete the purchase.

Facebook shops or Instagram shoppables have encouraged this trend, which has a great impact on the new generation. Influencers have also played a key role in this model, leading to increased sales when the products they promoted aligned with their fan base.

The pillars of a good E-Commerce strategy

In any case, no online sales system can escape a pre-set job related to the development of a strong and coherent brand and a business strategy that takes into account the target and the competition.

In relation to this, it is necessary to develop an operational online communication plan that includes immersive content, capable of generating the right level of engagement with “historic” and potential customers.

Finally, although the temptation to work only on social media is great in terms of cost reduction, it is also good to invest in one’s platform connected to the company website, which creates authority and allows greater control over one’s digital sales system.

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