What is Strategy Consulting

Have you ever wanted to reach a goal and wondered what was the best way to do it?

If you answered yes, you are not alone. Already in ancient Greece, in fact, the supreme commander of the military forces, the Polemarco, made his decisions with the help of a college made up of the ten most experienced and trusted generals, whose undisputed fame and competence was universally recognised. Each of these councilors took the title of Strategos (meaning military commander, from the Greek στρατηγός, pl: Strategoi.

They were concerned both with gathering information on the enemy, how many and which weapons were in his possession, and with establishing what was the best way to cross a certain territory,or where to position their troops and even how to equip them, to give each individual soldier a practical advantage against their own opponent.

The strategy was therefore considered an essential tool for making the right move, an indispensable support for better orienting choices, the secret weapon towards victory, the consequence of an overall vision that could not come from a single individual.

Even today it plays a fundamental role in determining the success of the choices we make.In organizations of any type, be they companies, associations, public or private bodies, it may happen that we have to face a scenario that requires immediate, effective and creative solutions: the launch of a new line of products, the development of a new type of service, the choice of new technical tools or new collaborators.

In these cases, wouldn’t it be great to have a strategist you can rely on next to you? And wouldn’t it be even better to be able to count on a whole council of strategists always by your side in difficult moments?

Strategic consultancy allows you to support managers in the difficult task of making decisions, carefully analyzing every detail and identifying the steps to take in order to achieve the goal with maximum efficiency. This can be provided both for short periods, in the case of scenarios of moderate complexity and, in this case, this takes place through strategic brainstorming sessions,or for even very long periods of time, in the event that the complexity of the scenario is high and, in this case, this takes place through the advisory service.

FILDON is able to offer personalized services based on the objectives to be achieved and scalable according to the size of the requesting institution.

We are at your side in creating, developing and implementing the best strategy, with the aim of optimizing the available resources and facilitating the achievement of the best performance in your organization, thanks to expert and qualified professionals.

Success is the result of chance, many successes are the result of strategy: don’t wait any longer, contact us now and conquer your goals.