Fabrizio Canetto

Specialized in Architectural Planning, Urban Planning and Design, he collaborates with professionals and Public Bodies in various sectors, including urban and hospitality planning, and recovering Historic Centers.

After an important academic period, where he taught at the INT (New Technologies Institute), at
the IED (European Institute of Design) at the University of Cagliari, and at the Building School of the Province of Cagliari, he dedicated himself to the Infrastructure and Public Works sector, both as a
Professional and as a Public Administrator.

Fabrizio collaborates with various organisations in Sardinia, including the Province of Cagliari, the University of Cagliari and various Local Authorities. He often addresses the world of Community Planning, Public-Private Partnership and Project Financing, while also refining his studies at the European Commission in Brussels, with Ancitel and the Belgian/Italian Chamber of Commerce. He has organized and participated as a speaker in several thematic seminars and congresses.